February 22, 2017

Sales Training

Your sales team consists of individuals, working together as a team to achieve their targets. To achieve and exceed these targets, you need to get each of the individuals to work to the best of their abilities. Our approach to sales training is to understand each individual’s strengths and weaknesses, and develop training specific to the individual. This approach creates a much higher impact for each individual, where the learning becomes a new way of working, as opposed to a warm fuzzy feeling that fades in time.

Our Approach

How we do this is to assess each sales person’s performance through the client life-cycle. Due to the complexity involved in modern sales, there are various stages involved in selling. These range from prospecting cold leads to negotiating massive contracts. Whatever the stage is requires a specific set of skills from the sales person. For a sales person to become affluent in all these stages and their respective skills takes a lot of time and learning.

We work with you to understand what these stages are (if you haven’t already – they are most commonly known as sales processes), and the role of the sales people during each of these stages. We will then work out a system specific to your business, to assess strengths and weaknesses for each sales person involved, from the person on the ground to the managers and directors.

With a process set up to understand your unique sales challenges, we will put together a training program custom build to get your sales team up to speed in any areas that they are in need of improvement on. This is what sets us apart from any other sales training company – we address the individual requirements of all sales staff involved in making target. The end result is a highly charges sales team ready to exceed targets.

martin-profile-picHi, I’m Martin, founder of Rapid Sales Growth. Is your sales team following the latest methodologies and best practices for your bushiness? Do you think your sales team may be in need of training?  There are so many options, and many of those may not have the impact you desire. I am passionate about sales training, and am happy to help! Reach out to me at any time for an obligation free chat. My number is +27 10 005 5321, and my email is Martin@RapidSalesGrowth.com. Or simply fill out the form below and I’ll get in touch with you. Chat soon, Martin.