February 22, 2017

Sales Management

The challenge for modern sales management in the business to business environment is that sales managers have a lot to manage. In many cases, they don’t know what it is that needs to be measured, and priority of those measurement metrics. We assist you to understand what the key management metrics are, specific to your business, and then we will either manage them for you, to teach you how to do it yourself.

Our Approach

The main goal when it comes to management is to understand what needs to be managed, measured and understood. These things are commonly referred to as measurement metrics. Once you have an understanding of what they are for your business, you can understand how they need to be measured, by what resources, the frequency and the feedback method.

With the metrics knowledge in hand, you will have set management activities for each of your sales people, across the various levels. You will now be able to better manage your sales function in a way that adds value to your sales team, as well as your business’ leadership. This will allow you to quickly identify challenge areas in your sales function. You can either do this for yourselves, or we can do this for you, as an added service.

The end result of an effectively managed sales team is a sales function that is on top of its targets and goals, and one that works closely to achieve them. The management of metrics also creates an open and safe learning environment, where sales people have the freedom to experiment and learn.

martin-profile-picHi, I’m Martin, founder of Rapid Sales Growth. What are your sales team and their leaders measuring? What impact areas are these measurements (metrics) identifying? Are they having a relevant impact on identifying leading trends? The modern sales metrics game is a difficult one, and one that interests me greatly. Reach out to me at any time for an obligation free chat. My number is +27 10 005 5321, and my email is Martin@RapidSalesGrowth.com. Or simply fill out the form below and I’ll get in touch with you. Chat soon, Martin.