February 22, 2017

Appointment Setting

The hardest part of the sales cycle is creating a hot lead from nothing. It’s the hardest part because it takes smarts, sophistication, and dogged tenacity. These skills are hard to find, and even harder to manage. So we have taken this burden out of the sales cycle for you. We will work with you to define an accurate target list and a value proposition, and we’ll get you in front of your buyers. You only pay for what you use.

With all the marketing hype around “all you can eat leads”, “never cold call again”, many business to business companies are spending fortunes with these companies, and seeing very little, if any return on their investments. That’s not to say that that digital marketing doesn’t work. But it certainly doesn’t work for every business, and for those that it does, it takes time. Sometimes, you need to rely on a modern sales call to make things happen fast!

Our Approach

We work with you to define a target market. We will identify what makes a good lead for your target market (by classifying your accounts and leads), so that we aren’t wasting our time speaking to prospects that won’t be good clients for you. This information includes the industry types, business types, and the contact people we need to target. We work with you to align a value proposition for these targets. We’ll design a “provocative” sales script for the calls. We’ll then source the data, and start setting meetings up on your behalf. You only pay for the meetings we set up.

With each meeting, you will get a brief of the discussion that was held, as well as a profile of the person / people you are meeting with, so that you are ready for action. The result is hot leads that convert much higher than marketing efforts, at a fraction of the price. An added benefit is that you can handpick the prospects you want to do business with.

martin-profile-picHi, I’m Martin, founder of Rapid Sales Growth. Are your current marketing and prospecting efforts getting you in front of your prospects? Are these meetings converting the way you had expected? Getting in front of the right kind of prospects is the arguably the hardest sales skill, but one that I’ve been doing my whole life. Reach out to me at any time for an obligation free chat. My number is +27 10 005 5321, and my email is Martin@RapidSalesGrowth.com. Or simply fill out the form below and I’ll get in touch with you. Chat soon, Martin.