Rapid Sales Growth Evolves to Level180

When I started this business, I took great care in naming it. I named it Rapid Sales Growth, because that was something I have managed to achieve throughout my career. No matter what the company, or the position, I have been able to get results quickly. So the name Rapid Sales Growth was definitely personal to me.

What I have learned since starting the business has been ground breaking for me. To me, sales has always been about solving complicated problems for clients – a mutually beneficial relationship based on credibility and trust earned by solving problems. But to most people, sales is associated with second hand car salespeople types. Those that use outdated tactics of manipulation, fear and force to get you to buy something you don’t want or need. Tactics I refer to as “black hat”. Sure, they might make people buy, but the client won’t be happy with their purchase and won’t come back again.

In actual fact, my business is about changing all these “bad things” associated with sales… To do things in the most modern, effective and ethical ways that will build that credibility and trust I’m talking about. So by naming the business Rapid Sales Growth, I inadvertently went against everything I aim to achieve.

Enter Level180 (Level One Eighty).180 degrees is the sum of all internal angles of a triangle, and the triangle is a very significant symbol in my life and my business. In business it symbolizes change (delta). And in the modern sales landscape I have no doubt that it is the businesses that continually adapt and change that will captain their industries. I want to bring about this change, especially to sales and the way we sell. So Level180 is a destination I want to take my clients to – a level where they are continuously changing and adapting to this exciting technological world we live in, so that they can win more.

Under Level180, my promise to our clients is that we will go to great lengths to solve their challenges when it comes to acquiring new and growing existing business. We will do so using the most modern, effective “white hat” tactics that build credibility, trust and ultimate value. Please visit our new website, www.level180.com and let us know what you think. We will be trading under this new name from 1 August 2018. To our existing clients, it will be business as usual.

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