Let’s Fix This: High Sales Staff Turnover

High sales staff turnover is a challenge most businesses face. It has become the accepted norm that if you hire salespeople, you will need to replace them more regularly than any other unit in your business. This can create problems, and as a result you may be losing a lot of revenue. Apart from the cost of acquiring a salesperson, think about continuity lost in your pipeline, and rebuilding client trust, to name a few.

So what is the actual problem, assuming that the business is set up to be a good place for salespeople? At it’s core, generally, the high sales turnover problem is that sales roles are not properly defined by the organisation and/or not properly understood by the salesperson. After reading this article on the types of salespeople, the types of sales roles and how to match them, you will understand how quickly employment problems escalate to turnover.

How to fix this

  1. Know your sales function: Be sure that you fully understand what type of sales role you have and the type of salesperson required to fulfill the role. This sounds obvious, but too many people are making big, incorrect assumptions here. If you are unsure, consult with someone (Hi!) who can help you clarify.
  2. Check your job specs: Sales is one of the few jobs people can get into without necessarily having a qualification. So lots of people naturally go into sales, and when others decide to change careers, they consider sales as an easy in. You want to appeal to salespeople who know sales, so write a job spec that appeals to established salespeople.
  3. Advertise your sales positions on LinkedIn: LinkedIn has become one of the most valuable tools for salespeople, specifically business to business sales. So that is where established salespeople are active, and it’s them that you want to appeal to!
  4. Review your interview process: Are you bored in your sales interviews, to which you go to with trepidation? Tired of the normal “tell me about this, and that and give me an example of”… Blah! Instead, once you have shortlisted your CV’s, ask your candidates to prepare something for their interview. Give them a topic that you would like to discuss, or a scenario you would like to role play. This task must be aligned to the role you are employing for, to assess their abilities in the areas you require. People who are not a fit will not be keen to attend the interview, whereas salespeople who are a fit will find this to be a fun challenge!

As difficult as it can be to find the right salespeople, employing the right ones is a highly rewarding experience. When done correctly, there is no reason why it can’t be a rewarding experience every time! We now offer recruitment as a service. Our knowledge of sales and sales roles combined with our extensive network of salespeople allows us to significantly reduce staff turnover. We offer this specialised service at highly competitive rates. Fill out the form below and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements:



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