Channel Your Winning Energy – Do The Daunting!

There is no better feeling for a sales person than winning deals. It’s why we do what we do. It’s the purest form of “what you put in is what you get out”. The bigger and harder the deal was to close, the more euphoric that winning feeling is. Flip, after winning a whale of a deal we can just about walk on water! It is a feeling so powerful and potent that it can turn the tide on any situation. So what do you do when you close an opportunity? Go for a celebratory drink with your colleagues? Take the family out for dinner? Get the documents ready for the rest of your business, in preparation for delivery?

These things are all important, and you need to do what you feel is necessary. But before you do any of those things, there is one more specific set of actions you need to; Focus on sales specific tasks that have been bogging you down. It could be a difficult phone call you need to make to a prospect, or load more leads into your pipeline, or making cold calls. Whatever has you bogged down at that time, or that you have been putting off. Stuff that seems “daunting” and could be preventing you from making new sales… Do those things!

By channeling that incredibly powerful energy that comes from winning a deal, into “daunting tasks”, you will achieve three things:

Firstly, that energy will allow you to “do the daunting” that has you bogged down – easily, with loads of confidence, and in a very quick time frame. That energy will take what seemed like a massive hurdle for you, and make it insignificant.

Secondly, doing the daunting while riding the high will put a natural positive spin on the outcome. We all know attitude is key in sales, and juicing on this energy is literally creating a positive attitude. So you will maximise your chances of turning that daunting thing into a positive thing.

And lastly, by doing the daunting you are automatically creating more opportunities to win more deals. These daunting tasks are literally preventing you from making more sales. So using this energy to do those things, is obliterating the obstacles that are preventing you from making more sales.

Sounds easy enough right? Well at first, it may well be hard. When you take on this approach to winning deals and channeling that energy into daunting tasks, you change the whole winning feeling. When you just ride the winning high, it can last for days, sometimes even weeks! But when you channel this energy into the daunting, it uses that energy much faster.

Now this may be a bitter pill to swallow in the beginning. But this is a good time to remind you of the “short term pain, long term gain” vs “short term gain, long term pain” principle. Riding the high until it bleeds out is the typical “short term gain for long term pain” scenario. After the high (short term gain), you need to work through the daunting to get more deals (long term pain). But by channeling the winning energy into the daunting, you flip the scenario to short term pain (doing the daunting quickly) for long term gain (more deals closed more often, meaning more highs to channel energy from).

So the next time you win a deal, use this energy to do something that is daunting for you. If you don’t have a daunting task to tackle, then use that energy to cold call, and notice the difference in your overall sales performance, and enjoyment. Once you have seen the results, make this a standard practice for you when you win deals… You’ll soon find yourself doing more and more daunting tasks, because you will be winning more deals!

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