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Using modern sales practices we aim to be the one stop shop for all sales performance requirements
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Sales Turnaround

Many businesses cannot keep up with the rate of change in sales. We’ll help you figure out what’s hurting you and fix it. Click for more…

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Sales Training

For a sales team to perform well, you need to address individual needs. We custom build programs for individuals as well as the team. Click for more…

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Sales Management

More information means more for sales to manage. We’ll identify what’s important for your business to measure, then figure out how to do it. Click for more…

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Sales Technology

Your prospects are using technology to better inform their decisions, so you should be one step ahead of them. We’ll get you there. Click for more…

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Sales Recruitment

Sales tenure and performance is about getting the right sales people doing the right things. That’s how we handle recruitment. Click for more…

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Appointment Setting

You need to meet more of your prospects. We’ll set your first sales meeting up for you, and you only pay for what you use. Click for more…

About Us

I will continuously look for better ways to sell. It's why I'm here.
By applying the selling science methodology to your sales process, you begin to understand your true potential.

My name is Martin Lamberti, founder of Rapid Sales Growth. I have always had a deep ceded drive to improve myself by finding better, smarter ways to achieve my goals. It is this drive that has led me to a long, successful career in sales, started at a very young age. When combining my drive for improvement with my sales experience, I have found ways to continuously improve sales performance. I have come to learn through trial and error that this is a very useful skill to have in the modern sales landscape, and it inspired me to start Rapid Sales Growth, which allows me to help businesses achieve and exceed their sales goals. That’s what I do, and I love it!

I am a sales nut, and I love hearing and understanding all things sales. If you are looking to find ways to sell your services and solutions better, give me a call or send me an email and we can have an obligation free chat.

  • We work with you to understand your growth requirements and to set financial goals for your business. Once the goals are set, we provide you with the tools to track your forecast performance against these goals.

  • This is where the game begins to get changed. Know what to measure, how, and for who, and you will see your entire sales process and strategy in a different light

  • Understand the activities needed to progress an opportunity from lead through to closure. Define the processes needed to manage the activities. Use state of the art technology to automate the processes and activities

  • Know how you are tracking against target at anytime. Gain key insights into your sales process, such as how many of what activity does it take to move a deal through a certain stage. Build this information back in to your processes.


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Relevant, usable information required to create a sales function of the future for your business

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